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2056 Sqn, Cadet Training Centre
Blackhill Lane
WA16 9DB


Parade Nights

Tuesday & Thursday
1845 until 2130

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2056 (Knutsford) Squadron
Air Training Corps

Parade Times

Tuesday & Thursday

1845 until 2130

  Welcome to 2056 (Knutsford) Squadron

Are you up for fun, adventure, incredible experiences and making new friends? Are you looking for something to give you the edge in life? Then welcome to the Air Cadet Organisation (ACO). Better known as the 'Air Cadets', we're a UK-wide cadet force with more than 40,000 members aged between 12 (school year 8) and 20 years.

We're sponsored by the Royal Air Force and through the partnersip with the RAF we can give you hands-on experience of activities and courses that you would simply not get outside of the ACO. We hope to challenge and develop your skills to help you succeed in whatever you want to do!



2056 (Knutsford) Squadron is one of many squadrons that make up Greater Manchester Wing, part of the national youth organisation, the Air Training Corps. Our Commanding Officer, together with his staff team are waiting to welcome new recruits to the squadron. If you want to join, check out the Join Us page and send us a message. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

 Aims of the ACO

  •   Promote and encourage a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force among young people
  •   Provide training which will be useful in the Services and civilian life
  •   Encourage the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship


 Future Activities

08 April
20 minutes flying per cadet - subject to weather
Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club Training Week - CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
12 - 17 April
Flying tuition with up to 15 flights. This activity is not sponsored by the cadets and is subject to parental coordinated supervision.
Greater Manchester Wing Road Marching Team Selection CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS
17 - 19 April
Greater Manchester Wing is to offer a road marching programme to eligible cadets, with the objective of introducing cadets to road marching, the badges, and the events associated with this activity.
26 April
Wing will be running courses, probably at the Wing Training Centre. Courses available for you to bid for are to be confirmed, but are typically as follows: 1) Youth first aid (>14yrs), 2) Bronze cyber badge (>14yrs), 3) Blue comms badge (must be 1st class cadets). This activity will be part 1 which will focus on repairing the hovercraft, working on the body and controls. The second part will be carried out on the next WTW in March where cadet will finish off the hovercraft and test it. Cadets place will be confirmed and JIs issued on 21st Jan.
22 - 29 May
Main activities will include L98A2 Training & DCCT LFMT, Adventure Training, Fieldcraft Exercise, Clay Target Shooting, STEM Activity, L98A2 Live firing at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels depending on cadet classification level.
Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club Training Week
24 - 29 May
Flying tuition with up to 15 flights. This activity is not sponsored by the cadets and is subject to parental coordinated supervision.
14 - 20 July
The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) will be held at RAF Fairford from 17 - 19 Jul 20. As usual, cadets and staff will be deployed at the Tattoo carrying out tasks in support of the RAF Charitable Trust Enterprises (RAFCTE) during the build-up phase, the Tattoo itself and the clear-down afterwards.
UK Summer Camp Allocations
18 - 25 July
GM Wing have been allocated 4 weeks at RAF Lossiemouth this year for summer camp. Week 1 is 18-25 July and the 3 subsequent weeks. Cadet allocations will be promulgated in the new year along with deadlines.
Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club Training Week
19 - 24 July
Flying tuition with up to 15 flights. This activity is not sponsored by the cadets and is subject to parental coordinated supervision.
08 - 14 August
The Super Camps have been designed to allow cadets and staff to have wider access to the Royal Air Force and other aviation engagement opportunities, whilst also continuing with some of the usual summer camp activities. The Super Camp accommodation will remain at Bodney Camp for the duration, but the activities take place each day at a different location and will include the following: a. RAF Honington - RAF Regiment and RAF Police. b. RAF Marham - RAF flying station and section visits. c. RAF Lakenheath - United States Air Force visits. d. Wattisham Air Station - Army Air Corps visits. e. Imperial War Museum Duxford - aviation museum. f. Marshall Aerospace of Cambridge - aviation industry engagement. g. Activities at Bodeny Camp - Cyber, radio, leadership, first aid, fieldcraft.

Royal Air Force Air Cadets


Squadron Messages

TIME ON YOUR HANDS? As an adjunct to the previous message, although all face to face activity has ceased until further notice, all cadets can still progress both their own classification and DofE by going to the respective web sites: On Bader all the presentations and tests can be completed on Ultilearn. On DofE this is the ideal opportunity to submit evidence for the the various sections, and browse the web for ideas. Happy browsing and keep 2m away from everybody.
"In line with the latest Government guidelines and to protect the health of our air cadets and adult volunteers, all air cadet face-to-face activity is suspended as of 1600hrs today until further notice"

Training Programme

  Tuesday, 31 Mar
Stand down until further notice due COVID-19


  Thursday, 02 Apr
Stand down until further notice due COVID-19


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